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08 February 2010 @ 01:47 pm
So this blizzard of 2010 probably sucked, I woudln't know because as soon as it started snowing I went to the hotel, and that was friday night. I spend friday night, saturday night, and sunday night at the hotel. Now it's monday! No school today hooray! Luckily its only one class that i'm missing. I thought it would be funner than it actually was staying at the hotel. By last night i was cranky as hell. I think i was feeling a little claustrophobic.

Seth stayed the whole time too, but unfortunately Saturday night he got a fever and had to stop working and go to the room and rest. He was burning up all over, he said his throat and head hurt, and he was getting the chills. Hot, then cold, then hot, then cold. It was miserable! Thank goodness I didn't get sick too.

Either way I am VERY glad to be home, unfortuantely i have to go BACK to work in an hour which is the lamest thing ever, but at least the roads are clear enough that i can go home afterwards. The hotel was very comfortable, a nice big king bed, flat screen tv, clean, warm, nice bathroom, wireless internet. It's just nice to have some seperation between work and after-work. I would stay again. Just not any time soon.

So it snowed 2 feet! and maybe another 8 inches tomorrow? Jeez.

I am worried because i have school and homework and regular work, and then elise has been kind of pressuring me to make art for the openiing this saturday. I should not have agreed to do it! I really dont have time. whatever i make is going to suck. i can't even go to the opening because i have to work! ugh what can i possably produce in 3 days???
04 February 2010 @ 10:18 pm
So this weekend we are supposed to get slammed with 2 feet of snow. Originally i was scheduled at work only 2 days this week so of course when my boss called and asked me if i could come in on Saturday I agreed that i would. Because of the snow it will be very very busy at the hotel, lots of stupid travelers will be stuck there. I will likely be spending both Friday and Saturday nights at the hotel due to this snowstorm. I have never stayed at my hotel before! This should be really fun. The best part is that I work with my boyfriend, and he is ALSO working/spending the weekend there! I'm kind of excited. It would have been lame to be separated all weekend but this works out perfectly.

Seth and I have been watching the Office in mini-marathons from start to finish because he had never seen them all before. We are about to start season 5. We are sooo the Pam and Jim of the hotel. It's too cute!

So school started and it's back to the grind again, although I'm kind of relieved. I can't wait to get this semester over with because after that will be SUMMER! Winter break is great and all but it sucks to have all this time off and not be able to even go outside. Summer is where it's at. This semester I'm taking Chemistry, Intermediate Algebra, and Speech. I'm trying to stay positive about these classes but I am afraid they are all going to suck badly. But at least they're different than usual, no big writing assignments or anything (except for speeches i guess). Trying to stay positive. Positive. Stay positive! Yes, chemistry, graphing calculators, and public speaking are going to be totally awesome...ugh I'm having trouble fooling myself.

That's all for now!
29 January 2010 @ 07:39 pm
I just finished reading this book called "the Art of Racing in the Rain". It was a really nice book! I recomend it.

It is told from the perspective of a dog, and it is exactly what i think some dogs are really like on the inside.  Its not about the dog so much as it is his owner Dennis who is a racecar driver.  It was really heartwarming and sweet and satisfying.  I cared about the characters and what would happen to them, which is a sign of a successful book in my opinion..
24 January 2010 @ 07:22 pm
Should I go to Columbia University? If you go to college in Manhattan, where do you live? How can you afford to pay rent, especially if you are in school full time?? Especially when a 5 by 5 apartment with no bathroom costs 1800 a month? Hmm...I mean people must find a way...?
14 January 2010 @ 09:37 pm

I just finished reading this mamoth sized graphic novel called Black Hole by Charles Burns.

It's very strange, about these teenagers in Seattle and this weird sexually transmitted disease that produces bizarre mutations.  The disease pretty much renders them outcasts and they are forced to run away from home and live in the woods, all dirty and miserable.  Eliza, the girl with the tail, definately got the cutest mutation.  Except that sometimes the end of her tail snaps off and then grows back.  Ew.  Drew got this for me.  While I was reading it I had mixed feelings, but now that it's over I realize how good it was.  It left me feeling a bit confused and lost though, trying to figure out...what did it all mean???

My laptop is all screwed up so the only place i've really been posting blogs from is work.  It just freezes so much and for no reason, to the point where i just have to turn it off and on just to get it to respond at all.  I did buy an external harddrive and backed up all of my files but i am afraid to wipe the computer because i don't have a windows disc or anything.  The worst part is that every time i open world of warcraft my computer completely freezes, so i can't even play.  I really need to get this sorted out, because school starts in 17 days. 

Going to New York City this weekend for Seth's birthday!  Got the hotel booked, got my employee discount card, got reservations to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater for saturday night, going to the Bodies exhibit at the South Street Seaport on Sunday.  I hope its warm enough to walk around.  Should be a lot of fun.


10 January 2010 @ 05:25 pm
I'm so jealous, my brother is in Thailand for 2 weeks!  I would love to be there right now.  I bet it's really exciting and pretty to look at with exotic people and foods, although I feel sorry for him being a vegan there.  I'm sure it will be difficult to find things to eat, especially with a language barrier. 
I had the greatest weekend!  It was so fun.  I'm sad because Paul is leaving to travel the country, although actually i'm slightly jealous of him too.  Those were the days!  But anyways, on Friday he had this amazing goodbye party at the Sidebar in Baltimore.  It was crazy!  There were so many people there!  It was just like a family reunion.  Lets see...Jamie, Eric, Miranda, Lydia, Drea, Bree, Aja, Paul, Sean, Mary Beth, Cristella, Patrick, Andrew Hobby, Tracy, Marcus, Gail, Liz, Bill, Amanda, Amanda's boyfriend...that's all i can remember right now.  It was a lot of us.  I think the only people missing were like...Drew, Elise, Ashley, and Lizzy.  It was crazy fun we were all dancing and having a great time.  I couldn't believe Liz and Bill came.  That was actually a bigger surprise than Andrew Hobby flying in from Rhode Island just for the party. 
Ooh and I also got a 32" flat screen HD LCD TV!!!  Totally kickass.  My dad bought a new one because it was on sale so he gave me his old one for $200.  That TV looks so big in my little room.  Ack I just want to watch it forever and never leave my bed. 
Then yesterday Seth and I went out to lunch and then in the evening we went to see Man of La Mancha at the Vagabond Players theater in Fell's Point.  It's really neat that we went to see a play, a musical no less, but it was less than amazing.  I'd never seen it before or heard the music and neither had he.  I was not impressed, although I wouldn't say it was a waste of time. 
03 January 2010 @ 04:07 pm
Happy New Year! 
Spent my new years eve with Seth watching an America's Funniest Home Videos marathon, which was way more fun than you might expect.  Seriously we were entertained and cracking up for hours and hours.  Then around 10 pm we headed over to Jamie's boyfriend's apartment in Silver Spring and rung in the new year with a room full of cheerful bears.  I played beer pong and I am not good at beer pong is what I learned.  We were home before 2, which is good because according to Jamie, everyone at the party got sick, throwing up sick, everywhere.  Gross! 

Yesterday Seth and I baked more bread, and it was fuckin awesome.  It was Whole Wheat Basil Bread.  The ingredients included fresh basil, pine nuts, honey, and buttermilk, while the glaze on top had fresh garlic, Parmesan Cheese, olive oil, and cayenne pepper.  I did not take pictures this time, but I wish I had.  

I'm thinking about going to Miami for a few days, get some sun and relaxation in before the new semester.  It is so damn cold here, like 20 degrees with some wind chill factor that is absolutely ridiculous.  I'm dreaming of a warm beach.  It would be fairly cheap too, $200 round trip for the flight and then $60 a night at the holiday inn that is beachfront, with my employee rate.  It would be the first time i ever used my employee rate thing.  I guess I have to decide soon if i want to arrange time off for me and Seth!  I should probably get on that.
30 December 2009 @ 10:58 pm

Today was a nice day!  For Christmas Seth received a recipe book called the Bread Bible.  So we picked out a delicious sounding recipe and set out to bake fresh bread!!  We were very successful.  This bread is freakin' GOOD.  It's called Cheddar Cheese Bread with Toasted Sesame Seeds.  I can put up pictures, but unfortunately I can't share the enticing aroma.

and then i took some pictures of my cat, just because.

29 December 2009 @ 12:33 pm

29 December 2009 @ 11:24 am